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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 p.m. this evening. more importantly, a very strong cluster of thunderstorms has cleared the area off of anne arundel county. this is the area that prompted the tornado warning just a few minutes ago. that warning has expired, but there are severe thunderstorms rumbling down into carroll county. it is moving 20 miles per hour. it will already be coming onshore. this is the area of thunderstorm activity that prompted the weather service to issue a warning. there were no reports of a tornado responded yet. right now, it is a cluster of severe storms, and damaging winds, dangerous lightning, and heavy downpours. watch out in caroline county.
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it is heading your way. the good news -- things are starting to quiet down to a robust which means less committee, less heat, and more -- less thunderstorms. we are still dealing with the extreme heat. robb is in the baltimore city. it feels bad. >> you are exactly right the temperature is not that bad. 89 degrees. that is hot, but this humidity, mixed together with all of this heat, it feels like around 98 degrees. it is another hot, humid, hazy day in baltimore. if you worked in construction, it has been a summer to remember. high heat and high humidity -- working in the heat can take its toll. >> we are in the heck -- a heck of a summer. just for a lot of water.
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>> it is hard for me are here. >> it has been awful. >> for most people, the high humidity makes everything more uncomfortable. >> this was this morning. we were already in the low 80's. it already felt like -- felt like 98. this year we have had 41 days with temperatures have hit 90 or more. >> bg says they're careful monitoring of the power grid has kept problems to a minimum. cox and losses to cycle air conditioners on and off. we do that on hot days. it helps to keep the grid balanced, to make sure we are now straining the system. >> the good news is meteorologist john collins says there is some relief on the way. >> once we had friday, saturday,
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and sunday, the humidity goes down, and it will feel much more comfortable. our temperatures will be in the 80's. compared to what we felt yesterday and today, it will feel great. >> this is a day where you try to convince your boss that maybe you should do this live shot in the studio. you can see who won that argument. >> i feel you. we would like to know how you are beating the heat. share your photos and videos on you can also get the latest and heat advisers and track temperatures. >> 13 c access railcars -- see derailed this morning. it does not appear any thing
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leaked from the cars. there was no disruption to passenger rail travel, but ralph rate was the late. officials estimate that cars will be removed by 6:00 tomorrow morning. the cause is still under investigation. the district courthouse in a delicate city had to be evacuated after a chlorine leak this afternoon just before 2:00. inmates were taken to the circuit court. there are no words on causes or injuries. >> now to the debate over same- sex marriage. the band has people on both sides of the issue getting ready for legal battles to come. >> proposition 8 was voter- approved, and many believe it will end up in u.s. supreme court. david collins is downtown for more on how the gubernatorial candidates are weighing in. >> the choice is pretty clear.
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republican robert ehrlich says he opposes same-sex marriage. governor martin o'malley says he will support civil unions publicly. this wave of california optimism in the wake of a federal judge declaring the state put those same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional has already mitch -- reached the shores of maryland. they believe it will not be long before marriage equality become state law. >> through countless polls, the number of volunteers are working with us, lawmakers are committed to standing with us -- we see an increase in momentum. >> on the campaign trail, we asked republican robert ehrlich whether he supports and-sex marriage but >> i do not. >> governor martin o'malley has stated publicly that he supports civil unions. maryland does not recognize several unions.
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jerry chancellor instructed state agencies to provide full rights to out-of-state seemed- sex couples. the governor put the press camped in -- class office says he would give a same-sex bill consideration. >> he has committed to signing a bill for marriage equality should it reach its hit -- his desk. >> approximately 75 supporters are celebrating the judge put decision. this follows a day-long strategy session on how they will get legislation passed, making it a reality in maryland. >> thank you. as you can imagine, this is an issue with many different opinions. ken anderson writes that he identifies himself on paper as a conservative, but believes in equality for all. greg says this will come down to
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a constitutional interpretation. you can't find us on facebook and leave your comments tonight. >> -- you can find us on facebook, and lead your comments tonight. >> police are investigating a murder. there is no word on a motive. baltimore county police are asking for the public could to help in identifying a suspect. there is an increased police presence in the fells point community. one attack is being investigated as a hate crime. the victim is usually ambushed at night, thrown to the ground, and beaten. some so severely, they need to be hospitalized. one case, the victim was robbed of cash and a cell phone. >> if you see something, say something. call police. we will be there shortly. we will make sure we gay units
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out there. >> police say they have deployed a -- we will make sure we get units out there. >> police say they have deployed units perplexed a split second act of stupidity this threat if -- describes the actions that led up to the death of her son. the 23-year-old man received his sentence. barry simms has all of the details. >> this is a sad and tragic story about two families that have been shattered. he is not going to prison, but right now, he is in jail. filled with remorse and fighting back tears, the 23-year-old apologize, saying he could not take back what he did, but he could move forward and be a better man. his sentence was 18 months at the howard county detention center. >> we felt some.
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of incarceration was necessary -- we felt some incarceration was necessary. maybe these kids will get the message of convicted >> pictures presented showed how the dangerous mix of drinking and driving ended in the tragedy. david was behind the wheel of a pickup truck bed appeared off of the road. the truck hit three stone pillars at around 50 miles per hour. a 17-year-old scholar of off with -- athlete was ejected from the truck's bat. >> i do not want to see the kid go to jail. it will not bring my son back. it is unfortunate what happened. >> the defense attorney asked for a 12-month sentence, with him placed on house arrest. >> because they're all together, this does not require incarceration. it just puts bars between my
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client and his family in this time for healing and rehabilitation. >> the judge says she has no doubt that the greatest punishment is living with the fact that you are responsible for the loss of another life. the full sentence she gave was five years. family and friends left the courthouse and making no comment. his college football coach, who traveled from dover, delaware, said -- told the judge several professional football teams had approached the young men. >> it is a tragic situation. my heart goes out to both families. hopefully, in the future, and david to the help make people make the right decisions. >> not only was he drinking that night, but the prosecution thinks his two passengers were
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drinking, too. could that lead to more charges? we will tell you about that. >> such a tragic case. still ahead, could mothers be sending their child up for obesity before the baby is born? >> it is used to sweeten so many things. now, researchers say from cows could speed up the growth of cancer sells. what you need to know. >> he's chasing people up in the parking lot. >> that is the 911 call made in the middle of a mass murder. you'll hear more of a call. >> to the level maryland schools believe they have found a solution to the nursing shortag.
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>> late breaking news from washington -- elena kagan was confirmed today. she will join two other women on the nation's highest judicial bench. we have the late-breaking details from capitol hill. >> elena kagan's confirmation was assured when a few republicans joined democrats to vote yes. >> senators voting in the affirmative. >> conservatives complained she was an advocate, but never a judge. >> i find her lack of judicial
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experience striking. >> i fear she will put politics above the law. >> democrats called elena kagan mainstream. >> about practical experience, she has appeared >> dean of harvard law school, a top white house lawyer, but will she have more success or less than fellow liberal john paul stevens, whom she is replacing in winning over swing judges like anthony kennedy -- anthony kennedy. >> you cannot tell. the people mix is a little bit different. >> liberals are concerned. >> elena kagan's ability to follow in justice stevens footsteps and bring kennedy over is what they need. >> ahead could be cases on gun rights, ariz.'s tough
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immigration law, the obama health care plan, government surveillance, the war on terror, gay marriage -- sink or swim for a land taken. -- for elena kagan. if she wants women judges for mentors, they are available. from capitol hill, back to you. >> in tonight "medical alert," frutose has been linked to faster cancer cell growth. anything that contains it. researchers say it causes pancreatic cancer sells to divide and grow more quickly.
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the refiners association has something to say about that. you could read their response on a huge set of genese related to heart disease. scientists scam the genetic code of more than 100,000 people around the globe. the variants they found contributed to change in blood cholesterol in men and women of their -- of many diverse backgrounds. could your risk for all the city begin you are born -- before you are born? a new study puts some of the blames on mom's. it starts with the misconception that expectant -- expectant women are eating for two. >> eating for two might mean you are gaining weight for two. new research finds that women
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who gained a lot of white tend to have heavier babies, directly impacting the rest for obesity later in life. previous studies could not account for the genetic factors a mother and baby share. the study looked at mother said have multiple children. researchers say it is healthy for a baby to be born with some fat, but too much could indicate that the fetus develop in an abnormal development. obesity in adults is a social with multiple health problems. >> high blood pressure, diabetes -- we know if we can take in obese individual back down to a normal wait, we can get those problems to go away. >> the solution might be to stop the cycle before it ever begins -- in utero. >> when they gained more than 50
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pounds were twice as likely to have an overweight baby. charlene your baby with hugs and kisses is always good, but it might do more than make him or her giggle. a mother's affection help her child cope with stress as an adult. the children whose mothers were the most affectionate had the lowest level of anxiety. >> this is an insta-weather-plus alert. >> we have some strong to severe thunderstorms roll through the reason. you can see some ominous clouds on the bay bridge. an area of severe thunderstorms just blew across the region. those clouds were part of a
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system that prompted the weather service to issue a tornado warning. it expired at 5:00. you can see that line of storms is now making its way across calvert county, and stretches up toward queen anne's county. there are no -- notes were nor -- there are no tornado warnings in effect. that storm is still quite active -- that line is still very active to our south and east. a little storm has popped up in baltimore county. that one will have to be watched. it does not look to be as severe. a very active afternoon. we will show you where the
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heaviest storms were. over the last six hours, you'll see have the rain in northern virginia. from baltimore, south, is where the heavy weather has been. everyone is getting in on the hot, humid conditions. columbia is at 86. fort meade is at 92. rule 80's as the storm's -- move across the shore. these are high numbers, but they are only telling half of the story. it feels like 108 degrees in cambridge. there is a little relief in our north and west. the dew points have been in the 60's. contrast that to a due point of almost 80 in cambridge. even though it might take a day or two for the temperatures to recover, the atmosphere will try out nicely over night.
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an evening thunderstorm, then clearing. if you look back toward the great lakes and chicago, you see some very comfortable temperatures reach a much lower committee. this line of storms will change the atmosphere quite a bit. tomorrow, we will see a great deal of sunshine and lots of sunshine on saturday and sunday, with temperatures back to normal, and the humidity levels down. it is shaping up to be a nice weekend. tomorrow is a warm day. it will bring in less humid air. even with lots of sunshine, and a temperature around 90, it will feel a lot more comfortable. the bay water temperatures are around 83 degrees. tomorrow is a picture perfect day. it will be more comfortable in
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rock hall and cambridge. if you're headed toward the coast, it will be a hot day in the interior. all areas benefit from less committee. 91 tomorrow. 87 saturday. comfortable 60's in the morning over the weekend. we will get back into the low 90's on monday. scattered thunderstorms in the middle of next week. >> still ahead -- the frantic 911 calls that were made as a mass murder was in progress. >> volvo is showing off its latest security feature -- the car that stops itself. >> engineers have switched from mud to cement. we will have an update.
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>> the authorities have released the 911 calls made by employees inside the connecticut beer distributor as a disgruntled employee started shooting. he killed nine people, including himself. >> get the cops here right away. >> stay on the line. how many people got shot? >> i do not know. >> you are shop where? >> in my head. >> what is your name? my name is steve. >> who was the person shooting
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people. his name is omar. >> he hid in an office to make that call. even though he was shot, he explained what was happening. he is still shooting. >> he is shooting at a girl. >> people are on the way. >> he is still running after people. i just fired him. he is chasing people in the parking lot. >> he is in the parking lot chasing people. >> he has a red lunch bag. he is in front of my office. >> for the next half-hour, several more frantic call scheme been. >> this man just kept shooting people. this black male. >> a black male? >> do you know who it is? >> his name is omar.
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hurry, please. he is killing. -- he is killing people appeared >> i am in one of the offices. can you find out if it is safe for me to come out. >> one employee called 911 from inside a closet. once it was over, nine people were dead, including wal-mart. >> are you here yet? >> are you in the building? >> do you have him? >> we do not have him yet. >> and not so the terrifying scenario. despite the gunshot to the head, steve survived the attack. the gunman complained about harassment at work. authorities say no offical complaints were filed. >> eric holder announced charges against 14 people. 12 of the cases are from
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minnesota of the war he said at the muslim community had been helpful in try to help radicals from recruiting its young people. >> as demonstrated by the charges on sealed today, we are seeing an increasing number of people who have become captivated by extremist ideology, and have taken steps to carry out terrorist objectives at home, or abroad. >> in 2008, the organization was designated as a foreign terrorist organization with ties to al qaeda. >> still ahead, we will recap the top stories. you will be hearing from super model naomi campbell was in the hot seat in the -- in the netherlands this morning. >> some baltimore city miller it -- middle school students are competing in a robotics competition. >> a college nursing program where it is possible to earn
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three degrees in three years. i will tell you how. i will tell you how. by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future.
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5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 -- you are watching in hd west stan stovall, donna hamilton, your insta-weather + forecast. >> new tonight, two maryland colleges have lent one nursing program as a way to deal with a shortage of nurses and those who teach nursing. it is geared toward college graduates who want to work in
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health care. >> most of the hospitals and nursing schools -- what makes this program different? >> you do not need a nursing background. so far, it is the first of its kind. >> the definitive finding is finding the block in the bloodstream. >> they are future nurses. towson university and the community college of baltimore county have joined forces. >> i think the biggest problem in the nursing shortage is a lack of qualified faculty. the students from the program will be qualified with some experience in the nursing field to teach with the master's degree. >> the call is to put non- nursing students with a bachelor's degree on a fast track, with the goal of creating
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a pipeline of nurses. >> this is the joining of the best of both worlds. students today great program, the initiation, and they would come to townsend and complete a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in three years. >> it is a full-time, year- round program. students have called a worthwhile investment. >> it was much quicker. it was cost-effective in terms of what i was gaining along the way. three years with the masters is half of the price of a private college. >> the program was launched six months ago with a 1.5 billion in the gym million dollar boost from a program. >> to find out more, log onto or website and click on education. i and tim tooten. >> thank you.
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some mixed news on the big benefits programs. the obama administration kodel health care overhaul will help extend medicare 12 years later than estimated. social security is not in as good a shape. the system is expected to pay out more money than it takes in. officials said the same could happen next year, with the system being depleted by the year to thousand 37. the report was due out in the spring but was delayed. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. a baltimore city man is under arrest after police say he tried to run over an officer. lt. sam hoyt was working a second job when a 39-year old refused to pave the compound feed. he was accused of striking the
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officer. the officer was not seriously hurt. the woman accused of shooting a man inside of a fourth floor room has been charged. sharolyn yarbrough is charged with attempted murder in what police are calling a domestic incident. the shooting victim is expected to survive. an update on the big story from anne arundel county -- residents from the quail run community have scheduled a meeting about the shooting of a husky. various accounts revealed that the officer's german shepherd and the dog were wrestling. before the hour could respond, the officer pulled the gun and killed the husky. we will have an update on what happens at the meeting at 11:00 p.m..
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>> all figures are crossed in the gulf of mexico as engineers were able to force oil underground after pumping mud and cement into the throat of a while. >> experts say it has not been declared dell yet -- dead yet. >> as engineers now pump in cement to seal the well, there is a growing sense the flow of oil may finally be over. >> this is not the end, but it will virtually assure us there will be no chance of oil leaking into the environment. >> struggling fisherman phrase it differently. >> for many, the problems and frustrations are still very much alive. >> i am excited about the well- being cap, but my neighbor who was fixing to lose his home and closes business -- it does not mean a lot to him. >> there continue to be
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questions about how much oil is still in the water. government scientists say 75% is gone. those who live and work and of the water are not so sure. >> at think they're jumping the gun. >> they worry there is still crude below the surface third >> they should have never put the dispersants on. they wanted it to sink. >> what most can see is the pair has been significant progress in sealing the leak -- a chance, after 108 days, to at least take a breath. >> we could breathe easier, but we need to insure the people of the golf, and the people of the united states that this thing is properly finished through the bottom. >> a bottom kill that is likely still a couple of weeks away. crews should resume drilling in the next day or two.
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it could intersect with the fractured rig by the end of next week. >> here is a really interesting story. a musician is one step closer to announcing his run for the haitian presidency. >> if you own and iphone, and ipad, we have a security issue for you tonight. >> supporters of same-sex marriage
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>> supermodel naomi campbell was in a nether lands court today. the modern -- the model admitted she received a gift of what she called dirty looking stones. she was also being questioned about claims made taylor gave the modeling tools after a dinner party in 1997. >> i do not know. i had never heard anything about
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charles taylor. i never heard the term blood diamonds before. >> prosecutors say her testimony could provide as it -- evidence that taylor received diamonds in exchange for weapons. >> it appears musician wyclef jean is running for president of haiti. he announced he was resigning as chairman of the aid group he founded. he filed election papers in port-au-prince this afternoon. he is a native of haiti, and was raised in brooklyn, new york. his candidacy used in question because of residency. >> that could be an obstacle. we will show you the latest
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safety feature is being rolled out by volvo. >> we have details on consumer spending. >> these robots were built by the middle school students. i will take you out to their robotics competition. >> severe thunderstorms in parts of maryland, but there is heat relief on the way. right now, a live view. 82 at the airport . 81 downtow
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>> good afternoon. here's what we're working on for 6:00. the same-sex than has political implications for marilyn patel gubernatorial race. officials are preparing for more heat. if we will have
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>> on baltimore city middle school students competed in a row by competition -- the end of a 6-week-long summer learning academy for students who need extra help in math and science. that is a lot. kim dacey takes us there. >> these middle school students are going head to head. >> myra lot has an arm and a lift. -- my robot has an arm and left. we have learned a lot about robots per our teachers have helped us. >> these 300 students aren't enrolled -- are enrolled. it is a combination of a six- week program during which they
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learn math, science, and language arts to create the robot. >> of these kids are applying mass in a real-world situation. they are applying what they know now. if it makes the connection greater for the students and makes learning more fun. >> the robots are fun to build, but the students say the skills will help them when they go back to school. >> that helped me learn how to work together. >> i learned new math skills. >> it helped me do better on subjects than i did. >> this is the first year for the summer learning academies in baltimore, but they have been so successful, the school system's plan to bring them back. >> this is an insta-weather-plus alert. >> severe thunderstorms and some rather ugly heat and humidity as
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well in a tough afternoon. there is some relief on the way. still, as the front approaches, we will see more of this. the storms have been popping up. a batch of the in our tracking into -- north of king's though. the strong the storm's south and south of baltimore, from d.c., into southern maryland. when prompted a tornado warning around 4:30. that line of storms is making its way toward delaware. it will move toward the coast. it will get picked up by the dover radar screen. it looks like the heavy storms are south of baltimore. look at the almanac. you will see that only one one- hundredth of an inch hit the rain gauge at b w y. marshall.
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it depends on where you were. everyone got into the hot, humid weather. the record high was 104. not quite that high today. it feels like that on parts of the eastern shore, where temperatures are still in the low 90's. little bit of relief into allegheny county. the heat index is only in the upper 70's. that more comfortable air will slowly pushed into our direction. after an evening thunderstorm, skies will begin to clear. this cool front will move through. the humidity levels drop. a second surge of humidity will come in. it will be more comfortable, even late tonight. sunny to partly cloudy tomorrow.
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all of sunshine anticipated for saturday and sunday, with temperatures coming back to normal levels. 87, to 92 tomorrow. it will still be a one day, but much more comfortable. a beautiful day near deep creek. tomorrow, a sunny skies and about 75 degrees. around the bay, low 90's. much more comfortable. it will be a warm day on the lower eastern shore, but less timid. tropical storm colin has regenerated. it developed, fell apart, and it is back again. it was spotted toward -- sit near bermuda. watch how this storm is beginning to strengthen. it might get close to hurricane force. it will stay safely to the east of ocean city, but it might be a
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threat to bermuda. 91 tomorrow. 87 saturday. a nice looking we can take the heat and humidity return monday and tuesday. >> a new government report shows americans are saving a lot more than we did before the recession. it shows we save 6.4% of our after-tax dollars in june. some economists take that as good news. it means consumers are in better financial shape than once thought. others worry the recovery will not continue on as people spend money. it happens every day. travers hit pedestrians. a match and if you can have a force field around you? polish showing off its newest safety feature.
5:52 pm
-- volvo is showing off its newest safety feature. >> it is looking for -- to do it intentionally, it is really hard. do not break at all. >> that was cool. >> case seeing is believing, getting behind the wheel of the first self-stopping cars sold in america is so much better. >> it is a weird feeling. in truth, we are supposed to be paying attention while we are driving, but we can get distracted. sometimes, we need a little extra help. in this case, the car will take care of it. >> the car is the volvo ended is getting a lot of attention. while it looks great in the show room, drivers want to take their turn. >> if you are about to hit
5:53 pm
something, the car just stops. it was pretty impressive technology. >> the carl icahn radar and a four-looking camera to stop itself -- the car relies on radar, and a forward-looking camera to stop itself. >> that is very cool. it rolls out this fall. there is a security problem with some apple products. a german government agency says there two we points for operating systems. opening a compromise the website or pds file could allow crooks to spy on passwords or listen in on phone conversations. the compromise software is in the latest version for all of the devices. they say there have not been any attacks yet. apple says it knows about the reports, and is investigating
5:54 pm
them. >> california's gay marriage debate is making its way out into the campaign trail all over, including maryland. >> a lot of girls in purple at training camp. coming up, celebrating purple.
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ra >> it was ladies' day at reagan's training camp today. the biggest female fans traveled for purple day. >> [applause]
5:57 pm
>> and give me an hour. -- give me an r. >> they are loud and proud. the lady lovers of ravens football make their presence known. >> i think it is great that football recognizes that women are some of the biggest football fans. we know a lot. >> it used to be that football was for men. now, when men are still -- are into it a lot. >> thursday morning practice was open to the public, but it was also a special day for members of purple, a club for female fans. nothing but the best for the early bird purple members. they retreated to the front row seating. >> we had vips seating.
5:58 pm
we are having a choctaw with them. >> i am point to have a good time. >> -- i am going to have a good time. >> since purple began, it has grown to over 13,000 members. there was plenty of girl power ready to help the ravens get off to a good start. >> joe flacco one of my favorites. i like the black churches. >> did think they're going to do good this year? theor sure they're going to super bowl. >> if you are wondering when the first purple friday is, it is friday combat by september 10. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m..
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>> a federal judge declares california pulled the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. details are straight ahead. >> the drunk driving accident killed his friend, and impacted two families. >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 news at 6:00 p.m., in hd. >> good evening. we begin with an insta-weather- plus alert. it was a busy weather day. >> let's check in with our chief meteorologist. >> there is good and bad news. the strongest have been -- the storms have been strong. there is a cold front. it should get through and bring heat release. the heaviest and most severe storms are south of baltimore. storms are south of baltimore.


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